Digital Solutions for Healthcare Industry

StandardWings offers a diverse range of digital healthcare solutions that help healthcare providers, caregivers, and patients connect with each other seamlessly.
Our solutions enable providers to catalog and retrieve patient records with ease, help patients find expert practitioners, and connect caregivers to care-seekers. We leverage mobile, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, the cloud, and data analytics to develop an environment where people, processes, and equipment come together to improve synergies, scale-up services, and enhance treatment. This ultimately helps in improving patient satisfaction levels, which is the true barometer of any healthcare system’s effectiveness.

Custom Digital Solutions for Healthcare Management

  • Patient Management – From looking up patient’s medical history to maintaining current health information, our patient management solutions enable healthcare providers to deliver quality healthcare at reduced costs.
  • Health Mobility – We build mobile healthcare solutions that empower healthcare-seekers and patients to find quality healthcare consultation and providers through their mobile device.
  • Remote Health Monitoring – Our health monitoring solutions use apps and IoT healthcare devices to link patients’ health information with all stakeholders – family, doctors, nurses, caregivers etc.
  • Wellness Apps – From monitoring sleep to keeping track of vital health parameters, the wellness apps we develop empower users to lead a healthy and productive life.

Why Choose StandardWings for Digital Healthcare Solutions

  • Rigorous Quality Assurance – The software we deliver undergoes thorough QA and testing, which ensures it works with clockwork precision and never gives you cause for concern.
  • Non-Stop Communication – You are given constant updates about the development status of your product. Our team members are ever ready to answer all your queries and doubts.
  • Deep Technological Expertise – We keep our technology stack fluid by exploring and learning new technologies, which helps us deliver products as per evolving customer needs.
  • Talented & Experienced Team – Our development, testing, support teams and consultants offer the perfect combination of bustling talent and diverse industry experience to deliver truly world-class products.
  • Accountable & Transparent – We maintain complete transparency with our clients. Every aspect of the work is defined and communicated clearly at the very beginning.
  • Uninterrupted Support – We prefer to build long-lasting partnerships than being just a vendor, which is why we provide constant support even after your product is delivered.