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StandardWings is a digital solutions and software development company
Our products help you scale your business, gain competitive edge, and boost profits.

We leverage our technical expertise and business acumen to turn your ideas into brilliant mobile and web applications, IoT solutions, and software products. Whether you are a start-up, an agency, an enterprise, or a non-profit body, our software development services help you achieve business goals and organizational objectives in a time-bound and cost-effective manner.

Our Services

Mobile & Web Development

Our user-friendly, responsive, cross-platform, and scalable mobile and web applications help boost your brand’s visibility, increase audience engagement, and improve overall business efficiency.

Product Engineering

Create a customer-friendly and agile software foundation for your business with our product engineering services. From concept to distribution stage, we help transform your idea into market reality.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Bridge the gap between your men and machines with our IoT application development services. Our IoT solutions help you enhance communication, automation, monitoring, and thereby, profits.

AI & Machine Learning

Maximize ROI, create new business opportunities, and improve business efficiency and customer service with our advanced AI-powered applications and Machine Learning systems.

SAP Services | SAP Solutions

We are among a small bunch of SAP specialist co-ops who can effectively convey execution, roll-outs, cloud movements, updates, and backing across SAP scenes.

Technological Competence

Our expertise in different technologies helps us deliver innovative, robust, and scalable software solutions that offer an optimal ROI. We constantly research and update ourselves with the latest technological trends to serve the ever-growing needs of our clients.

Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality covers every phase of a product’s development. From the initial concept stage to the final release stage, ensuring quality rests with every stakeholder and not just the QA team. This results in a defect- and risk-free development process and high-quality products.

Delivering Business Value

We aim to deliver a technically brilliant product that also helps you achieve your business goals. This helps us understand your business requirements first and then design technological solutions accordingly. We measure our success by the value you derive from our solutions.

Digital Solutions for Diverse Industries
We build bespoke digital solutions to help our clients overcome industry-specific challenges and achieve seamless digital transformation.
BFSI & Fintech
Media & Advertising
Real Estate

#01 Government

We help government bodies and non-profit organizations use technology to provide public services in a transparent, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

#02 BFSI & Fintech

From blockchain-based products to digital wallets, payment processing, and analytics, we offer solutions that help BFSI and Fintech companies streamline operations and add value to their customers’ lives.

#03 Healthcare

Our custom software development solutions enable healthcare companies and institutions to provide an empathetic patient experience while ensuring optimal resource utilization.

#04 Media & Advertising

We help media and advertising companies increase their ROI by building integrated solutions in the areas of digital publishing and advertising, video streaming, and social media.

#05 Real Estate

Our real estate products make the lives of owners, brokers, and companies easier by enabling them to sell, buy, rent, lease, and manage properties through interactive mobile and web applications.

#06 Manufacturing

We help manufacturers leverage IoT, machine learning, AI, and bit data analytics to reduce inefficiencies, drive operational synergies, augment cost optimization, and improve customer experience.

#07 E-Commerce

Our comprehensive and scalable ecommerce solutions help online businesses attract more traffic and enhance profitability while delivering a multi-platform and omnichannel user experience.

#08 Logistics

Our logistics solutions help service providers optimize their various processes, improve productivity, and manage their movable and immovable assets while keeping costs and complexity under control.

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