StandardWings is an IoT software development company that helps startups, enterprises, and government organizations make the most of the connected environment offered by IoT (Internet of Things).

Make Your Organization Leaner, Meaner, and Faster with our IoT Solutions

We develop IoT solutions that help businesses and organizations achieve higher operational efficiencies, provide better user experiences, and create new revenue streams by bringing data, processes, and people together on the same platform.

Our design, develop, and maintain a diverse range of consumer- and enterprise-grade IoT applications for various usage scenarios like home automation, security, industrial IoT, and smart cities.

We build smart and connected products that leverage the power of advanced data analytics and machine learning to revitalize your business operations and transform people’s lives.

Our IoT app development services help you


Link all your internet-enabled devices with each other


Use a unified console to centrally operate all your IoT devices


Create contingencies by accurately predicting problems

Our Internet of Things Solutions

Smart Homes – We develop smart IoT home automation solutions that enable home owners to control systems for entertainment, lights, security, and climate using their smartphone, tablet, or other smart internet-enabled device.

Smart Energy Management – We build IoT energy management products that help consumers and enterprises leverage smart sensors and advanced analytics for monitoring energy usage, reducing energy costs, and driving sustainability.

Smart Cities – We create IoT solutions for smart city infrastructure that help governments transform citizen’s lives by improving infrastructure, building energy-efficient ecosystems, and maintaining safety and security standards.

Smart Asset Management – We develop smart IoT asset management solutions that provide owners with an integrated view of their assets while enabling real-time location and performance tracking.

Smart Fleet Management – We build custom smart IoT fleet management solutions to help fleet-owners keep track of their vehicles in real-time and measure fleet performance using data analytics.

We Develop Smart IoT Solutions for Diverse Industries

At StandardWings, we deliver world-class IoT solutions to help you monitor, communicate, and analyze big data to obtain actionable insights and make data-backed decisions. We build IoT solutions for diverse industries and which are designed to work seamlessly with different technology stacks and cloud platforms.

  • Government
  • BFSI & Fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Media & Advertising
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • E-Commerce
  • Logistics